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The CoAguLite Cutting Time Control Technology was introduced in 1993 to commercialize an optical technology for automating the cutting time selection in cheese making. The performance consistency of the technology results from the use of the latest optical technology, a robust sensor design, and employment of fundamental principles of chemical reaction kinetics.



The FluorLite-LX measures “true” protein in whey permeate and other solutions up to 1% protein and ignores non-protein nitrogen. A recent novel innovation automatically corrects measurement for the light-extinction effect of solids in whey permeate. Measurement range is between 0.01% and 1% protein (100 – 10,000 PPM) and up to 8% solids.



The FluorLite Cutting Time Control Technology responds during the last phase, the gel firming phase, of milk coagulation and provides more consistent cutting time control than any other technology because the time-parameter derived during the gel-firming stage is very close to the coagulation endpoint, thus, increasing the accuracy of endpoint selection.